PANK is open, PANK loves you. 

  • Please put all the work you are now submitting into ONE SINGLE FILE.
  • Thanks for your excellent work!

We're looking for chapbooks that won't quit. We want to see everything. We're publishing work we can't put down. For poetry send us up to 40 pages and for fiction, creative nonfiction and hybrid work send us up to 55 pages. If your work pushes a few pages over, send it anyway. Flash fiction collections. A handful of short stories. That not quite novella or mini collection of essays. Anything goes.

[PANK] Magazine is a literary magazine fostering access to innovative poetry and prose, publishing the brightest and most promising writers for the most adventurous readers. Up country, to the end of the road, to a far shore and the edge of things, to a place of amalgamation and unplumbed depths, a place inhabited by contradiction, quirk and startling anomaly, where the known is made and unmade, and where unimagined futures are born, PANK. 

Submit 3-5 Poems, Flash Pieces, Art Pieces, Comic Pages, Up to 3500 Words of Prose, Up to 2 Minutes of Spoken Word Recording, or whatever else we've missed.

Selections will be published the first Friday of every month.

Please include a short bio, including your age and grade.


[PANK] is now accepting reviews of books of all genres and author interviews!

 Please take a look at previous [PANK] reviews and interviews and format your work accordingly.

Book review submissions should always include a .jpeg of the book’s cover as a separate attachment. Additionally, please preface the review essay with the basic publication information (name of publisher, year) which we will eventually include below the cover image and above your contributor byline.

Interviews should include an image of some kind (the book or books’ cover(s), a photo of the interview subject, artwork installation, etc.) as well as a short intro contextualizing the conversation and the author/artist’s work. Interviewer and interviewee’s names should be bolded when we get to the q/a portion, and after first reference (i.e. Sanda Bullock and Keanu Reeves) the bolded identifiers would reduce to initials (SB and KR).

Please include a short contributor bio in the cover letter to be published with accepted pieces.

Thank you for your interest in contributing to our ever-expanding [PANK] blog and participating in our community!

Please note, the PANK blog is not for poems or fiction, those should be submitted to our open reading period or tip jar when our reading period is closed.The PANK blog is for work we like to undefine as:

Offbeat meditations.

Intelligent rants.

Graphic loveliness.

Visual hauntings.

Dream residue.

Manifestos and entreaties.


X, where X equals something we can't quite imagine yet.

Check it out here:

There are two ways to contribute to the PANK blog: one-offs and sustained columns that embrace and disrupt the above categories. First, read the blog and get a feel for what we do there. Then take a chance and send us something daring and delightful.

One-offs are just what they sound like: you send me one something and it appears once on the [PANK] Daily blog.

Columns can be short or long run. Do you have an idea for something that would encompass one single week? A month? Or maybe you have a recurring gift for us--something we'd run weekly or monthly. Columns may be originally written (by you),or you can curate the work of others. Again, please look at the blog to see the sort of work that has made a home there in the past.

For one-offs, please submit as ONE file:

*The completed piece as you would like to see it appear

*A cover note that explains why the piece is a good fit for the Blog

*Keep it under 1000 words. If you have a longer something, query first. 

For columns, please submit as ONE file: 

*A pitch that lays out your idea and explains why you think it's a good fit for the blog

*A sample post from your proposed column

If you are proposing a curated column, just the pitch is required

In general:

* Include a short bio introducing yourself, but know that your bona fides matter not at all. 

What we want is your mind.

*Please do not submit book reviews. There is a separate submission form for author interviews and book reviews.


[PANK] Daily is a separate space from PANK Magazine, not an offshoot. We are more like weird cousins than identical twins. Do not send work to the blog that is meant for the magazine. We do not accept single poem submissions, short stories or essays without a context that makes sense for our space. 

We look forward to your ideas!

We're looking for Big Books for the 2022 year and beyond. We're looking for poetry, novels, fiction, short fiction, multi genre work, experimental, traditional, nonfiction, collaborative work and anything you think we should read. We don't have any guidelines for manuscript formats, but cover letters are good. We can't wait to read your work. This is open and rolling.