Ends on August 1, 2019

Health and Healing: from Tarot to the Medical Industrial Complex, Medicating in the era of Social Media, Trump-ism, and Climate Change. 

The ways we practice care are myriad.

[PANK] is seeking submissions for the Health and Healing folio to be released in fall 2019.  We especially want to hear from people who are women, POC, queer and GNC, and/or living with disabilities. 

We are seeking a wide array of voices and forms. Send fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, hybrid writing, graphic narrative, visual  art, and multimedia work. Send sharp, honest, beautiful writing. Strangeness is a small god. 

Please limit your submission to five pieces combined into one .doc or .docx file; feel free to mix genres and modes into a single submission (ex: two  poems, two CNF flashes, one short story). Upload your writing on our Submittable page. Questions can be directed to maya@pankmagazine.com.